harajuku-77-stuff said: hello,my name is kimi,I'm your follows,I like harajuku and cute styles too ,I have three shops ,may I have your email,I want to cooperate with you and make clothes ads on your blog,Looking forward to your reply

of course, my email is, i want to know everything!! you can contact me anytime!

deathbellossoms said: Follow for follow? I absolutely love your blog. I come here for my phone backgrounds as well. :3

hahahaha!! thank you! -*0*0* of course!! i follow you back!!

cullture-of-the-popular said: I'm sorry if it's stealing but every time I'm looking for a new wallpaper for my phone i come to your blog!

hahahaah its ok!!! awesome t.t thank you!! sdskjhfkdjfhkdja

adisaregita said: Yay


HELLOo!!! Follow me on instagram.


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